Sunday, March 16, 2008

NCAA Seeding Projections

Here is what my NCAA seeding projections look like. There were a few seed changes due to conflicts of NCAA rules. For instance teams from the same conference cannot play in the first two rounds. As a result Arizona was bumped to the highest 12 seed, which moved VCU up. There was some shifting of 8 vs 9 and 7 vs 10 games to avoid teams from the same conference from playing each other in the first two rounds. Conference Champions are in BOLD. I assumed Arkansas would win when making this projection.

All day today my last four in were:
Arizona State
Virginia Tech

The Last Four Out were:
Ole Miss
Ohio State

Now obviously Georgia winning would knock Virginia Tech out as far as my projections go. The problem is where to place them. I am going to go ahead and just replace them with the last at-large team Virginia Tech. That puts them above teams like Western Kentucky, San Diego which probably had better years. However, with 20 minutes until the committee actually puts out their results it would take a lot of work to reseed everyone and shift people. This works easier. I am anxious to see how the committee handles Georgia, because they are certainly having that same problem.

If I had to guess on the teams I am most likely to miss on they would be Arizona State on the in...and Kentucky on the out.

East (Charlotte)

1. UNC

16. Coppin State / Mt St Mary’s


9. Mississippi State

4. Clemson

13. George Mason

5. Drake

12. Western Kentucky

3. Stanford

14. Cal State Fullerton

6. Butler

11. St Joseph

2. Wisconsin

15. Belmont

7. Arkansas

10. Temple

West (Phoenix)


16. Mississippi Valley State

8. Texas A & M

9. BYU

4. Xavier

13. Cornell

5. Marquette

12. Oregon

3. Louisville

14. Oral Roberts

6. Washington State

11. VCU

2. Texas

15. Austin Peay

7. West Virginia

10. South Alabama

South (Houston)

1. Memphis

16. UT Arlington

8. Kent State

9. Kansas State

4. Notre Dame

13. San Diego

5. Michigan State

12. Georgia

3. Duke

14. Winthrop

6. USC

11. Villanova

2. Georgetwon

15. UMBC

7. Oklahoma

10. Davidson

Midwest (Detroit)

1. Kansas

16. American

8. Gonzaga

9. Miami (Fl)

4. UConn

13. Siena

5. Vanderbilt

12. Arizona

3. Pitt

14. Boise state

6. Purdue

11. Arizona State

2. Tennessee

15. Portland State

7. Indiana

10. Baylor

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