Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bearcatmark's First Mock Bracket

For the purpose of this bracket I have assumed the regular season Conference Champion is going to win every conference that has not been decided. Now this is obviously not likely to be the case, but it gives me UTEP and Cal as automatic birth teams and not last four in bubble status... If those teams don't win their conference they currently sit just above Minnesota and Memphis who are my last two teams in.

With their win over Seton Hall yesterday I have moved Notre Dame to Lock Status. I made a few adjustments to avoid same conference teams playing in the first two rounds. I switched Georgia Tech and Notre Dame, Illinois and San Diego State,Virginia Tech and St Mary's, Clemson and UNLV, Texas and Richmond, as well as Minnesota and Memphis (yes I had to do a ton of procedure bumping... i hope my final brackets don't come out like this.)

My Last Four In Are:


My First Four Out Are

Seton Hall (they are going to have to get really lucky to get in... as in everyone behind them falters and teams like Memphis/Minnesota lose early in their conference tournaments)
Arizona State
Ole Miss
(I actually have Utah State above Ole Miss, but I have them with an Automatic Birth at this point. Were they to lose in the conference finals they'd probably stand a decent shot at a bid)

My other 6 teams with a shot still go in this order at this time:

Cincinnati (I am getting more and more confident that a win tonight gets them on the edge...lets start rooting for everyone above to falter early in their conference tournaments)
St Louis
Rhode Island
Mississippi State

All teams that have clinched their conference title are in bold.

Midwest Regional (St Louis)

1. Kansas
16. Wintrhop

8. Clemson
9. Marquette

4. BYU
13. Utah State

5. Butler
12. Cornell

2. Villanova
15. North Texas

7. Texas
10. Florida

3. Purdue
14. Montana

6. Georgetown
11. San Diego State

West Regional (Salt Lake City)

1. Duke
16. Boston U

8. Northern Iowa
9. St Mary's

4. Temple
13. Kent State

5. Michigan State
12. Old Dominion

2. Ohio State
15. East Tennessee State

7. Wake Forest
10. Louisivlle

3. Vanderbilt
14. Oakland

6. Maryland
11. Cal

South Regional (Houston)

1. Syracuse
16. Lehigh/Jackson State (Play in Game)

9. Florida State

4. Tennessee
13. Siena

5. Baylor
12. Minnesota

2. Kansas State
15. UCSB

7. Richmond
10. Notre Dame

3. Pitt
14. Sam Houston State

6. Gonzaga
11. Illinois

East Regional (Syracuse)

1. Kentucky
16. Robert Morris

8. Missouri
9. Virginia Tech

4. Wisconsin
13. Murray State

5. Xavier
12. Memphis

2. West Virginia
15. Morgan State

7. Texas A&M
10. Georgia Tech

3. New Mexico
14. Wofford

6. Oklahoma State
11. UTEP

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