Sunday, March 17, 2013

Final Bracket

(Conference Champions in BOLD)

1 Seeds: Louisville, Indiana, Gonzaga, Kansas
2 Seeds: Miami (Fl), Duke, New Mexico, Ohio State
3 Seeds: Florida, Georgetown, Michigan State, Wisconsin
4 Seeds: Kansas State, Marquette, Syracuse, Michigan
5 Seeds: Arizona, Oklahoma State, St. Louis, NC State
6 Seeds: Pittsburgh, Notre Dame, North Carolina, UNLV
7 Seeds: VCU, Butler, Colorado State, Creighton
8 Seeds: UCLA, Memphis, Oregon, Illinois
9 Seeds: SD State, Minnesota, Villanova, Colorado
10 Seeds: Boise State, Iowa State, Missouri, Cincinnati
11 Seeds: Oklahoma, Temple, Wichita State, Ole Miss
12 Seeds: St Marys / Tennessee, Belmont, La Salle / California, Bucknell
13 Seeds: Valpo, Akron, Davidson, South Dakota State
14 Seeds: Montana, Harvard, New Mexico State, Florida Gulf Coast
15 Seeds: Iona, Northwestern State, Albany, Pacific
16 Seeds: WKU, Southern, LIU / Liberty, James Madison / NC A&T

Last Four In:
St Marys
La Salle

Others in Consideration:
Middle Tennessee State
Southern Miss

A few final notes.  Louisville is the number 1 overall seed.  I debated Florida v. Ohio State for the final 2 seed and ultimately went with Ohio State.  They have better wins and better losses.  It really was that simple.  Regardless of what happens in the Big 10 Championship that will be the same.  I swapped UC and Oklahoma as the more I look at UC's resume the more I think it is ever so slightly better.  That makes UC the last 10 seed and Oklahoma the top 11.  I decided to value Tennessee's wins and put them in, but would not be surprised if MTSU ultimately got the last mid.   I'd be fine if they gave the last bid to Virginia or Iowa, but I cannot fathom that given their non-conference SOS and some of UVA's awful losses.  I'd also be fine if UMass got the last bid.  

Lastly, I have done my attempt at bracketing based on region and where the first and second round matchups will be.  The city between the two games designates the 4 team pods for each region.  I'm not positive, but I believe the East will match the Midwest and the South will match the West in the National Semis.  

East - DC

1. Indiana
16. LIU / Liberty
                             Dayton Pod
8. Memphis
9. Villanova

4. Syracuse
13. Akron
                           San Jose Pod
5. Oklahoma State
12. California / La Salle

2. Duke
15. Albany
                                 Philly Pod
7. Colorado State
10. Cincinnati

3. Michigan State
14. Harvard
                            Auburn Hills Pod
6. Notre Dame
11. Wichita State

West- LA

1. Gonzaga
16. Southern
                        Salt Lake City Pod
9. Colorado

4. Kansas State
13. South Dakota State
                           Kansas City Pod
5. NC State
12. St Marys / Tennessee

2. Miami (fl)
15. Pacific
                                Lexington Pod
7. Creighton
10. Boise State

3. Wisconsin
14. Montana
                               Auburn Hills Pod
6. Pittsburgh
11. Ole Miss

Midwest – Indy

1. Louisville
16. James Madison / NC A&T
                                      Dayton Pod
8. Illinois
9. San Diego State

4. Michigan
13. Valpo
                                   San Jose Pod
5. Arizona
12. Bucknell

2. Ohio State
15. Iona
                                  Lexington Pod
7. VCU
10. Missouri

3. Florida
14. Florida Gulf Coast
                                      Austin Pod
6. North Carolina
11. Oklahoma

South – Dallas

1. Kansas
16. WKU
                                Kansas City Pod
8. Oregon
9. Minnesota

4. Marquette
13. Davidson
                               Salt Lake City Pod
5. St. Louis
12. Belmont

2. New Mexico
15. Northwestern State
                                             Austin Pod
7. Butler
10. Iowa State

3. Georgetown
14. New Mexico State
                                                Philly Pod
11. Temple

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