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Voting Round 1: Randy Marsh and Butters Bracket

Here is the first bracket.  You can vote for every episode technically, but try to just vote for one episode per matchup. 

Randy Marsh and Butters Bracket:
1.  The Losing Edge (Season 9, Episode 5)
16.  Marjorine (Season 9, Episode 9)

           The Losing Edge-  Has to be the one seed in any region involving Randy Marsh, because it is probably Randy at his finest (with apologies to "With Apologies to Jesse Jackson").  The concept is great to begin with.  South Park kids hating baseball, being happy it is over only to be so good they have to play more baseball.  But the show goes above and beyond, giving us drunk Randy Marsh trying to fight a dad on every opposing team, screaming "I thought this was America!" when he inevitably gets arrested.  I love when Randy commits to getting in the best shape of his life and we get this great clip.  

         Marjorine- Another simple concept episode where the boys dress Butters as a girl to try to get a paper fortune teller (Future Telling Device).  Of course the boys over do the plan by faking Butters' suicide causing his family and everyone else to think him dead.  Butters' showing back up at his parents produces some great stuff with his parents reactions and the ridiculous stuff they do. 

8.  The Death of Eric Cartman (Season 9, Episode 6)
9.  Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow (Season 9, Episode 8)  

         The Death Of Eric Cartman-  An episode featuring Butters with Eric typically produces greatness and this is no exception.  The boys all decide to ignore Cartman which brings him to the logical conclusion that he is a ghost walking the streets who needs to atone before he can go to Heaven.  His list of everything awful he has ever done is marvelous ("Then there was the time I convinced a women to have an abortion so I could make another Shaky's Pizza...") and his montage of making up for this is the perfect Cartman plan of atonement.   

         Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow- Another episode starting with a simple concept of the kids screwing up and everyone in South Park completely going off the deep end (this time blaming the flood on global warming and not the kids crashing a boat into the damn).  The episode becomes a disaster movie parody, which features great scenes like Randy getting to be the geologist who explains it all (in an awesome drawing) and Cartman demanding Kyle's "Jew gold."  (Worth noting these first four episodes were all from the extremely strong Season 9 which even features another 1 and 2 seed.) 

4.  Professor Chaos (Season 6, Episode 6)
13.  Medicinal Fried Chicken (Season 14, Episode 3)

          Professor Chaos-  In season 5 the South Park creators started giving Butters more screen time and this is the second of several great Butters centric episodes.  Butters trying to be a Super Villain by doing mildly inconvenient things is very entertaining.        

         Medicinal Fried Chicken-  Randy wants to smoke marijuana legally so he gives himself testicular cancer by microwaving his balls and then rides them around town.   We also get Cartman joining a cartel for ourlawed KFC and eating all the fried chicken skins.  

5.  T.M.I. (Season 15, Episode 4)
12.  My Future Self N’ Me (Season 6, Episode 16)

          T.M.I.- I think this might be an episode I love more than most viewers.  So many South Park episodes start with such a simple idea and everything erupting from there.  Cartman misinterpreting the boys inches grown this year chart for a chart the school made posting the boys penis sizes is magnificent.  So many small moments kill me in this episode.  Butters joy at being hung and then the realization that he is not when the second T.M.I. formula gets introduced.  I loved Randy's hypothetical problem as he tries to teach the students that penis length is irrelevant and shows them what is relevant with Randy.  Stan and Kyle's reaction to Cartman listing his penis as "13 inches," the protesting America by taking down the Federal Express and Randy busting into song are all amazing moments.  Hell maybe I have this episode too low in the bracket.  
          My Future Self N' Me-  The parents try to teach their kids about the dangers of drugs by having actors pretend they are screwup future versions of their kids.  It's an absurd concept that the boys figure out quickly, which leads to hilarious scenes like Stan pretending to cut off his thumb and Randy cutting off the actors thumb to cover it up.  Oh and we also get Cartman's revenge business which is essentially painting different colors of poop on the wall.   Great ending as well where Cartman's actual future self shows up.

2.  Make Love Not Warcraft (Season 10, Episode 8)
15.  More Crap (Season 11, Episode 9)

          Make Love Not Warcraft- I don't even get the game lingo that is said, though probably much of it is fake, but wow is this episode amazing.  The dude who just kills everyone in World of Warcraft is perfectly constructed as he matter of factly plays the game.  The "live to win" montage might be the best montage the show has ever done (and they've done a lot of great montages).  The whole idea of going into the woods and killing boars to make their characters strong enough to take on the guy killing them and then of course there is Randy Marsh getting wrapped up in the World of Warcraft and being the one to bring "the sword of 1000 truths" to his son.  

         More Crap-  Randy takes the worlds biggest dump and Bono gets jealous because he previously had the reward and wants another.  That's the episode and it's hilarious. 

7.  Consul Wars Trilogy (Season 17, Episodes 7-9) 
10.  The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs (Season 14, Episode 2)

         Consul Wars Trilogy-  It parodied Game of Thrones perfectly.  Little things like the Red Robin Wedding, or the Mall security being the Night's watch and best of all the "Garden of Betrayal," were all excellent.  So much to talk about in three part episodes I think my two favorite parts were Randy saying he was a "Sneaky little bee," and Cartman telling everyone "Lets me honest this is about you and me getting xboxes...."  

          The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs- The boys read Catcher in the Rye and decide they can write a more offensive book.  Their parents find it and they blame Butters.  Of course their parents thought it was a great work of literature trying to say a lot about society (because this is South Park after all) and Butters becomes a famous author.  Nevermind that everyone pukes trying to read it. 

3.  With Apologies to Jesse Jackson (Season 11, Episode 1)
14.  I’m a Little Bit Country (Season 7, Episode 4….100th episode)

         With Apologies to Jesse Jackson-  This might be the episode of South Park I laughed the most in and it starts from the very beginning on Wheel of Fortune.   I still remember watching this in college the night before Green Beer day at Miami.  It not only features Randy Marsh struggling with the backlash to his appearance on Wheel of Fortune, it has Cartman just laughing at the sensitivity training little person.  I think my favorite part was when he tried to get back at Cartman and Cartman got pissed until he saw him and then of course started laughing hysterically.  "Who is the freaking genius who dressed it up in little suspenders...Clyde was that you?" 

         I'm a Little Bit Country-  A divided town of pro war and anti war citizens and everyone hates each other.  I love how South Park manages to rip on anyone and everyone.  Randy's song at the end is great.  Also great other plot is kids having a report on the founding fathers where Cartman tries to make himself have a flashback to learn instead of reading.  

6.  Butters’ Very Own Episode (Season 5, Episode 14)
13.  Butters’ Bottom Bitch (Season 13, Episode 9)

        Butters' Very Own Episode-  Really dark start to the episode as Butters' mom tries to kill Butters by driving the car in the lake with the plan of killing herself.  She backs out when her husband tells her he still loves her and tells him she killed Butters.  The hilarity ensues as they try to cover it up despite Butters' surviving.  Oh yea and the Butters theme song "Everyone knows it's Butters....That's me."

        Butters' Bottom Bitch-  Butters becomes a pimp.   Seriously, Butters becomes the most Butters pimp ever, he gives his Ho's stickers.  

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