Sunday, March 12, 2017

Selection Sunday Morning Bracket

This may be the last bracket I get to post before the tournament starts.  First on UC since that's the most imporant.  I have them as a 5 seed and will keep them there regardless of today's result.  They are probably just as likely to be a 4 with a win today, but a high 5 seed seems reasonable as well.  I think the teams above them just have better resumes (though it's close enough with the last few that they could jump).  

If Rhode Island wins today Vandy would slide into the First four games in Dayton in their place.  Other than that I think the bracket is pretty much set.  I will not be changing my last four in other than that.  I could see Kentucky or Duke taking UNC's one seed, but I think UNC will be rewarded for winning the ACC regular season by 2 games.  I made my attempt at bracketing the pods below.  I tried to avoid conflicts that the committee has to avoid, but I did it kind of quickly so maybe you'll catch some.  

One Seeds:  Villanova, Gonzaga, Kansas, UNC
Two Seeds:  Duke, Kentucky, Arizona, Oregon
Three Seeds:  Baylor, UCLA, Louisville, West Virginia
Four Seeds:  Notre Dame, Florida State, Florida, Butler
Five Seeds:  SMU, Cincinnati, Purdue, Virginia
Six Seeds:  Iowa State, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Creighton
Seven Seeds:  St Marys, Michigan, Maryland, Miami
Eight Seeds:  Virginia Tech, Oklahoma State, Seton Hall, Michigan State
Nine Seeds:  Northwestern, Arkansas, Marquette, South Carolina
Ten Seeds:  Providence, VCU, Wichita State, Dayton
Eleven Seeds:  Xavier, Middle TN State, Vandy, Kansas State/ Wake Forest
Twelve Seeds:  Rhode Island/USC, UNCW, Nevada, Vermont
Thirteen Seeds:  New Mexico State, Princeton, Kent State, Iona
Fourteen Seeds:  Bucknell, Winthrop, ETSU, Florida Gulf Coast
Fifteen Seeds:  NKU, Jacksonville State, New Orleans, North Dakota
Sixteen Seeds:  South Dakota St., UC Davis, Texas State/NC Central, Mt. St. Marys/Texas Southern

Last Four In:  Kansas State, USC, Rhode Island, Wake Forest
Four Outside Hoping:  Cal, Illinois, Syracuse, Illinois State

Buffalo, Milwaukie, Orlando, Salt Lake City (Thursday)
Greenville, Indianapolis, Sacramento, Tulsa (Friday)

West Regional (Final in San Jose)

(1) Gonzaga
(16) UC Davis
(8) Seton Hall
(9) Northwestern

(4) Florida State
(13) New Mexico State
(12)  Nevada
(5) SMU

(3) Baylor
(14) Florida Gulf Coast
(6) Creighton
(11) Vandy
(2)  Arizona
(15) North Dakota
               Salt Lake City
(7) Miami
(10) Wichita State

East Regional (Final in New York)

(1) Villanova
(16) Mt. St. Marys/Texas Southern
(8) Virginia Tech
(9) Marquette

(4) Butler
(13) Princeton
(12) UNCW
(5) Virginia

(3) UCLA
(14) East Tennessee State
(6) Minnesota
(11) Xavier

(2)  Duke
(15) New Orleans
(7) Michigan
(10) VCU

Midwest Regional (Final in Kansas City)

(1) Kansas
(16) South Dakota State
(8) Michigan State
(9)  Arkansas

(4) Notre Dame
(13) Iona
(12) Vermont
(5) Cincinnati

(3) West Virginia
(14) Bucknell
(6) Wisconsin
(11) Kansas State /USC
               Salt Lake City
(2) Oregon
(15) Jacksonville State

(7) St Marys
(10) Providence

South Regional (Final in Memphis)

(1) North Carolina
(16) Texas State/NC Central
(8) Oklahoma State
(9) South Carolina

(4) Florida
(13) Kent State
(12) Rhode Island / Wake Forest
(5) Purdue

(3)  Louisville
(14) Winthrop
(6) Iowa State
(11) Middle Tennessee State.

(2) Kentucky
(15) Northern Kentucky
(7) Maryland
(10) Dayton

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