Sunday, March 11, 2018

Selection Sunday Morning Bracket

Conference Champions in Bold.

1 Seeds:  Virginia, Villanova, Kansas, Xavier

2 Seeds:  UNC, Duke, Cincinnati, Purdue

3 Seeds:  Michigan State, Tennessee, Michigan, West Virginia

4 Seeds:  Arizona, Auburn, Texas Tech, Wichita State

5 Seeds:  Gonzaga, Clemson, Houston, Ohio State

6 Seeds:  Kentucky, Arkansas, Miami (fl), Florida

7 Seeds:  TCU, Providence, Rhode Island, Butler

8 Seeds:  Nevada, Virginia Tech, Seton Hall, St Bona,

9 Seeds:  Kansas State, Creighton, Missouri, Texas A&M

10 Seeds:  Florida State, UCLA, NC State, Texas

11 Seeds:  Alabama, Loyola-Chicago, Oklahoma / USC, St Marys / Arizona State

12 Seeds:  South Dakota St., Buffalo, San Diego State, New Mexico State

13 Seeds:  UT Arlington, Murray State, Charleston, Bucknell

14 Seeds:  Montana, Cal State Fullerton, Marshall, Penn

15 Seeds:  UNC Greensboro, Radford, Wright State. Iona

16 Seeds:  UMBC, Stephen F. Austin, Lipscomb / Texas Southern, LIU Brooklyn / NC Central

Last 5 In:  Alabama, Oklahoma, St Marys, Arizona State, USC
5 Other teams with a shot:  Middle Tennessee St., Marquette, Louisville, Baylor, Syracuse
"Bubble" Teams I think are definitely out:  Notre Dame, Oklahoma State, Utah, Penn State, Boise State, Mississippi State, Nebraska

All the small conferences have been decided except the Ivy League and the Sunbelt.  We have one potential bid stealer left.  If Davidson beats Rhode Island today, I think either USC or Arizona State will be staying home.  My last team in came down to USC v. Middle Tennessee State.  They have surprisingly similar resumes, but USC won head to head so I used that as my tiebreaker.  

Atlanta Regional

(1) Virginia
(16) Texas Southern / Lipscomb
               Pittsburgh Pod
(8) Nevada
(9) Creighton

(4) Auburn
(13) Charleston
               San Diego Pod
(5) Houston
(12) South Dakota State

(3) Tennessee
(14) Montana
               Wichita Pod
(6) Miami (fl)
(11) Alabama

(2) Cincinnati
(15) Wright State
               Nashville Pod
(7) Butler
(10) NC State

Boston Regional

(1) Villanova
(16) LIU Brooklyn / NC Central
               Pittsburgh Pod
(8) Virginia Tech
(9) Kansas State

(4) Texas Tech
(13) UT Arlington
               Boise Pod
(5) Clemson
(12) San Diego St.

(3) West Virginia
(14) Cal State Fullerton
               Dallas Pod
(6) Florida
(11) St Marys / USC

(2) Purdue
(15) Iona
               Detroit Pod
(7) Providence
(10) Texas

Omaha Regional

(1) Kansas
(16) Stephen F. Austin
               Wichita Pod
(8) Seton Hall
(9) Texas A&M

(4) Arizona
(13) Bucknell
               San Diego Pod
(5) Ohio State
(12) New Mexico State

(3) Michigan State
(14) Penn
               Detroit Pod
(6) Arkansas
(11) Oklahoma / Arizona State

(2) UNC
(15) UNC Greensboro
               Charlotte Pod
(7) TCU
(10) UCLA

Los Angeles Regional

(1) Xavier
(16) UMBC
               Nashville Pod
(8) St. Bona
(9) Missouri

(4) Wichita State
(13) Murray State
               Boise Pod
(5) Gonzaga
(12) Buffalo

(3) Michigan
(14) Marshall
               Detroit Pod
(6) Kentucky
(11) Loyola-Chicago

(2) Duke
(15) Radford

(7) Rhode Island
(10) Florida State


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